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Hand-knotted rug is the greatest contribution of Tibetan refugees, who had fled from Tibet due to 1959 Tibetan Uprising, to Nepal and India. To make living, they started to weave rugs and sell, among many other works, since 1960s. Until then, they used to weave rugs only for their own personal or cultural or religious purpose but since 60s, these virtuosos’ crafts began to spread across Europe and United States. These refugees, not only spread their rugs, but also their crafts and craftsmanship to Nepalese.   Nepalese, along with Tibetan refugees, have been producing masterpieces in the sector of hand-knotted rugs and since then Nepal has been exporting such rugs across various countries. Hand-knotting industries have contributed largely in Nepal’s revenue, ranking third position.   Nepal is possibly the only country that makes hand-knotted rugs from Tibetan wools and plant fibers (hemp, banana, Himalayan nettle, bamboo etc). Nepal is famous for producing and exporting highly qualified hand-knotted rugs which have…

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