Materials We Use And Their Properties

  1. Tibetan Wool

Wools are sheared from sheep that live in Tibetan highlands of altitude 11,000 feet. Due to the extreme coldness, these sheep’s wools have high level of lanolin (waxy substance) that gives rugs great tensile strength, special luster, long durability and resistance to stain and moisture.

  1. New Zealand Wool

This wool is sheared from merino sheep of New Zealand. It has some amazing benefits: filters dusty air and harmful gases, absorbs unwanted noises and doesn’t burn until 700 degree Celsius. It can be mixed with other materials (wools and fibers) as well which gives different features accordingly.

  1. Silk Fiber

Emitted from (mainly Chinese) silk worm, silk fiber’s utilities have remained unknown to the whole world for thousands of years – except China. Due to its great benefits and expensive cost, it has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is very luminous, extremely flexible, strongly tensile, mildly elastic, naturally insulating, seemingly luxurious, highly comfortable, exquisitely shimmering and much more.

  1. Hemp Fiber

Found in the high mountainous regions of Nepal, hemp fibers are one of the strongest and durable among all textile fibers. It excels in fiber length, durability, strength, absorbency, anti-mildew and antimicrobial properties. It is renewable, naturally insulating and repels liquids and stains.

  1. Himalayan Nettle Fiber

Fibers are extracted from Himalayan nettles aka Allo that are found in the high altitudes (range from 1000 to 3000 ft) of Nepal. It has high tensile strength, high tensile modulus and elongation. Also, Himalayan nettle fiber is renewable and biodegradable.

  1. Banana Fiber

Manufactured from the trunks of banana plants that are found in the plain regions of Nepal, banana fiber has high strength, light weight, shiny appearance, smaller elongation, strong moisture absorbency and bio-degradability. It is similar in appearance to bamboo fiber and ramie fiber but its fineness is better than two.

  1. Bamboo Fiber

Extracted from natural bamboo plants that are found in the mountainous regions of Nepal, bamboo fiber is highly absorbent, strongly anti-bacterial, temperature-adaptable, luxurious, smooth and very soft.